Flippy Tea Dress

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At the start of the summer I got this gorgeous tea dress from Joe Browns.  I really love it and have worn it countless times over the summer!  It’s a really light, floaty material with a cute floral pattern.

The dress also comes with a little belt but I’ve generally been wearing it without the belt as I think it’s a bit too fussy.  The only downside to the dress is that it tends to gape a bit at the front so if I’m wearing it to work I wear a camisole underneath.

I meant to write about the dress earlier in the summer but have been so busy it managed to slip my mind!  Anyway, I was browsing the Joe Browns site this morning and noticed that it was on offer so it actually seems like the perfect time to tell you!  Incidentally, I found some lovely looking items in the new Autumn range so it’s well worth a look.

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