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FitFlops are designed to tone your legs and bum more than normal flip flops.  They also reduce back, knee and ankle stress so are better for your joints.  The FipFlops contain a Microwobbleboard in the soul which is designed to simulate walking barefoot.  How they work is explained more if you click here.

I got my FitFlops from which sells lots of different brands and has free delivery on all UK deliveries.  The pair I have are the Electra Bronze which are covered in sequins and cost £49.95.  You can get the Electra Fitflops in 4 different colours.   They look really nice and they have a very thick sole which makes you feel quite tall!  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to wear them very often apart from around the house as when I went for a 10 minute walk round the park, I ended up with big cuts on both of my second toes.  Looking at the shoe, I think this happened because the join between the material with the sequins on and the softer material underneath is quite rough.  Hopefully once I’ve worn them in a bit they will be comfier.  When I got back in the house, my legs did feel more tired than they would normally have done which shows that the Microwobbleboard technology must have had some impact.

I think FitFlops are a really good idea and are a much nicer way of toning your legs instead of being stuck in a gym.  I hope I can wear them in soon!

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