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I think this Filofax is really cute.  It is very small, I’m not sure what you call the size but it’s 117mm by 145mm so easy to fit in your bag.  I’ve always thought Filofax only sold boring black or brown diaries so was surprised when I saw this one.

I’ll start with the one thing that might put people off about this diary – it is expensive at £23.  However there are plenty of reasons to ignore the price and buy it anyway, the first being that it doesn’t just last you one year.  You can buy refills each year to reuse the cover which are much cheaper at around £5 depending on which refill you go for.  There are loads of different inserts in the Filofax including weights and measurement conversion tables, a map of the world, an address book, and dividers.  I’m not really sure how many I’ll use but it does make you feel really organised!  I guess the address book would be handy as I always have to rewrite addresses into my diary every year.  This won’t be an issue with the Filofax as you can leave pages in over a few years (I should probably mention that it’s a ringbinder).  The cover looks pretty sturdy so should hopefully last quite a long time.

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