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I thought I’d share with you a few Father’s Day gift ideas I’ve found recently.  I don’t know about you, but I always find it much harder to buy presents for men so I started looking early in the hope that if I looked for longer I’d find better gifts!

I tried some products from Melvita a couple of months ago and loved them.  The products are great and I really like that they are natural and organic.  Melvita also have a men’s range which should be brilliant if the women’s stuff is anything to go by.  They have a few different products such as shaving cream, shower gel and eau de toilette.  Definitely worth a look.

If your dad’s into writing then you can find some good quality pens at www.stonemarketing.com.  They have a big variety – different brands, ball point pens, fountain pens – at a range of prices.  I’ve found one which costs £340 but there are other much more reasonably priced pens!  This one is the Sheaffer VFM and it costs £10.50.

If your dad’s a music lover then these Ministry of Sound headphones might be a good idea.  They sound good and can be used with iPods or mp3s.  This may not be the best reason to buy a pair of headphones but I also really like the packaging!

I’ve tried some nice wines recently in the name of research(!) which could also make a nice gift either on their own or with a special home cooked meal?

I don’t really know that much about choosing wines so I usually go for the bottle I like the best.  It seems to work though!

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