Fairy lights!

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I’m just starting my second year at university and yesterday, I moved into my new house which involved, among lots of other things,  putting up my new fairy lights!  I got them off a website called www.minilinelights.co.uk.  I picked two different strings, one with blue flower lights and another with tiny pink flowers, pearls and lights.  They are really cute and look good even when they’re not turned on- I’m very pleased with them and they make my room look at lot more homely!

I also bought some for my boyfriend.  He lives in student house full of boys so I thought they would cheer his room up a bit!  I went fot a fun string of multicoloured dinosaur lights  but I’m not allowed to call them fairy lights as it sounds too girly – they have to be called dinosaur lights which is a lot more manly!!

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