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My hair is very curly and I’ve never really been able to do anything exciting with it so I when I came across the EZ Comb by JML I thought I’d give it a go.  The EZ Comb is basically 2 metal combs linked together by elastic covered in decorated beads.  It comes with a little booklet showing you how to style your into the 8 different styles possible with the comb.  It is supposed to work on all hair types; long, short, curly, thick or thin.

I was quite disappointed when I tried out the EZ Comb.  To start with, most of the styles are quite hard to do yourself although I suppose you would get better if you practiced.  When I managed to get the comb into my hair it only lasted a couple of minutes before it fell out again.  Thinking I’d done it wrong, I asked my mum to help but she couldn’t get it to stick in my hair either.  The teeth of the comb are not strong enough and started to deform after a few attempts at getting it into my hair making it even less likely to stay put.  My mum has straight hair so we had a go at using the EZ Comb in her hair but that didn’t work either.  The comb just seems to fall out no matter which style you try.

However the comb does look nice and you get two different colours in the pack, one silver and one bronze.  The pack costs £14.99 and is available from ASDA, Superdrug and Boots.

I think the EZ Comb is a good idea but it could do with some improving.  As it is now, I’m guessing it would only work properly on thin, straight hair.  I also think it’s a bit too expensive for what it is so I would say you should only buy it if you are sure it will work with your hair type.

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  1. I use the EZ comb all the time. Mind you, the only style that seems to work is to just pull the sides back like in the picture above, but for that, it works great. It’s comfortable and it stays put all day. The teeth didn’t warp on mine. It just takes practice and patience.

    My hair is very, very long and wavy, so I might have too much hair to use for the updo’s.

  2. I agree, I think the combs need to be more tightly packed. I have fine thin long hair and cant keep the EZ comb in my hair either

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