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Recently, I have been wearing the Eye of Horus Amethyst Eye Pencil fairly regularly. I like to wear colour eyeliners as I find them a lot less scary that coloured eye shadows. The amethyst pencil is dark enough that it isn’t over the top bright but it also has a nice shimmer when it catches the light.
I like that the pencil also has a smudging tool on one end which means you can tone it down and make the colour look less severe. The consistency of the pencil is wonderful, it glides on easily and smudges well using the tool. It lasts longer than most pencils as well, at least a whole work day or evening without needing topping up.
I have also, for the first time in my life, found a black liquid liner which actually works for me. Usually I find that black liners look too harsh as my skin is quite pale. I like that the Liquid Define Eyeliner is not as pigmented as a lot of liquid liner. I guess that lots of people won’t like that but I think it is really good as I can build up as much or as little as I want. I think the nib of the eyeliner is also really easy to use and I have even managed to get almost matching flicks using it! The formula is quick drying and doesn’t smudge easily, even with my runny hayfever eyes.

You can buy both eyeliners for £17 each and the eye pencils comes in a few other colours if you are not too keen on the purple version.

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