Exposure by Helen Dunmore

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“London, November 1960.

The Cold War is at its height, and a spy may be a friend or neighbour, colleague or lover.

At the end of a suburban garden, in the pouring rain, a woman buries a briefcase deep in the earth.

She believes that she is protecting her family.

What she will learn is that no one is immune from betrayal, or the devastating consequences of exposure.”

Exposure by Helen Dunmore

I’ve read books by Helen Dunmore before and have always enjoyed them. I found Exposure really easy to get into and read the whole thing in just a few days. It’s strange as even though lots happened during the book, the pace was relaxed all the way through and it never felt rushed. However, the writing still somehow managed to build up the tension, giving out little snippets of information throughout and making me want to keep reading. I felt like a detective trying to piece all of the fragments together! I liked that the Callington family seemed like a typical family who had managed to get tangled up in something much bigger than their normal life and I was rooting for them the whole way through. Definitely a thumbs up from me!

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