Exploring as a Family of 4

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Exploring as a family of 4. Toddler walking in the woods

This morning we had our first proper adventure exploring as a family of 4. Up until then, we’d only been out walking together around the streets near our house. With a toddler who hates being trapped in his pram, we really haven’t managed to ve innture far from the house at all the past few months. But with lockdown starting to ease, we decided to get some fresh air in the woods just a 5 minute drive from our house.

It was so good to be outside and not walking the same few streets. Dylan was able to explore and there were very few people around so we weren’t having to call him back all the time to make sure he stayed 2m from everyone.

Dylan had so much fun. He loves being outside and I’ve been feeling so sorry for him recently as we’ve not been able to go anywhere exciting for him. Hopefully we can start getting out more as lockdown eases further. Maybe we’ll even be able to get all of his friends and family together for a BBQ for his birthday in July, just like we did last summer. Here’s hoping!

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