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Energys Resonance is a range of natural skincare products.  They don’t contain chemical emulsifiers, aggressive chemical preservatives, SLS, mineral oils, silicone oil, polyethylene glycols or parabens.  I’ve been trying out the following products:

From looking at their website, it seems as though the Energys products are suitable for pretty much any skin type.  I’ve got quite dry skin and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement since I started using the range.  All of the products of much more than I would normally pay which may be why I’ve actually seen an improvement in my skin!

The cleanser is really good and has a lovely fresh smell.  It also removes eye makeup which is something I look for in a cleanser as I can’t really be bothered using two products when I could use one.  The Gentle Exfoliant is in fact gentle, unlike lots of other so called ‘gentle’ exfoliators which make your skin feel as though you’ve rubbed it with sand paper.

The Youthful Skin Elixir is basically just a toner but it comes in a cute glass bottle which looks pretty smart.  Instead of using the skin elixir you can use the Energy Gel which does a similar thing but can also be used during the day to sooth headaches, tired feet or tense shoulder muscles.

I really like the face mask which can be used 2 to 3 times a week.  It leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean!  The moisturiser is good as well although it doesn’t smell quite as nice as some of the other products in the range.  It feels quite greasy when you apply it but it skins in faster than you would expect and makes my skin so smooth.  I really love it but I don’t know whether I could put up with the smell for more than one tub?

The only product I haven’t been impressed with is the eye cream.  This just seems to sit on the skin under my eyes and not sink in at all.  It feels greasy hours after I apply it and makes my under eye area look a bit shiny.  That being said, I really wish I wasn’t a student and could afford to buy the other products from this skincare range!

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  1. Energys Resonance Exquisite Eyes has been absolutely marvellous for the skin around my eyes. It sinks in immediately, unlike your own experience which seems very odd. Perhaps you had a faulty one? Having used the eye cream for several years, I’m desperate to find it again, but it seems no-one sells it now. Do you happen to know how to get it these days, please?

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