e.l.f Nail Polish – Dark Purple Glitter

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This e.l.f nail polish is such amazing value at just £1.50!  It is really easy to apply and the photo below shows two coats along with the top and base coats.  I put the nail varnish on on Wednesday morning and by today (Saturday), only one nail had chipped which I don’t think has ever happened for me with any other nail varnish I’ve used.  Usually they start to chip by the second day.  The chip is tiny as well so I’m hoping I won’t need to remove it for another few days yet.

I really like the colour but I’ve got to admit that I was slightly disappointed when it came out of the bottle.  It looks as though it will come out really glittery but, as you can see in the photo, the glitter barely shows up on my nails.  I did give the bottle a good shake before I opened it, and again after doing the first nail, but I think the glitter is just not very sparkly!  The colour is still lovely, just not what I was expecting.

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