Driving in Bristol

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Much as I love having the Kia Soul, I hate trying to drive around Bristol especially during rush hour.  If you’re not stuck in a queue you’re ending up going in the wrong way in one of the many one way systems.  There is also nowhere at all to park.

This afternoon I tried to go to the pool to start swimming before the Swimathon.  I drove around for ages but couldn’t find anywhere to park so ended up parking closer to my house than the pool.  Then, when I finally arrived at the swimming pool I was told it was closed for swimming lessons for another hour even though the timetable on the internet said it was open for general swimming.

So I went back home to get directions to another swimming pool, this time making sure there was a car park.  The timetable said it was open for general swimming so I battled my way through the 5 o clock traffic to the pool.  Once again I got to the reception desk only to be sent away again as this pool was also closed for swimming lessons.  It is just so annoying – hopefully the internet timetables will be updated soon!

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