Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream

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I’m back!  My finals finished last Thursday so I’ve now got time to get back into blogging.  It feels so strange to have finished university but I can’t wait for the summer which will be filled with relaxation, an amazing holiday in Thailand and trying to find somewhere to live in Aberdeen for my new job starting in September!
Today I thought I’d tell you about my latest face cream, the Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream.  Dr Renaud is a French brand which specialises in using natural ingredients.  The raspberry cream smells wonderful!  It is quite heavy so I’ve only been using it overnight as it does take a while to sink in properly.  It is very hydrating and I love using it as it just smells so amazing!

The cream costs £24.95 which is expensive but you can tell after using it that it’s good quality.  There is a whole range of raspberry products so I might just have to try out some more!

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