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Dr Oetker make lots of different cake decorations which look really good and are easy to use.

I used the 3D Wafer Daisies and the Giant Chocolate Stars on my latest batch of cupcakes.  (The photos aren’t great but you get the idea!).  Unfortunately some of the Wafer Daisies got crushed inside the packet due to them being left loose in the box but the Chocolate Stars are really well packed and came out looking perfect.  The decorations make the cakes look really professional and at just £1.29 per packet I will definitely use them again.

Also in the same Tea Party range are Glimmer Hundreds & Thousands, Mini Jazzies, Chocolate Stars, Moons and Hearts and Chocolate Hearts.  All of the decorations are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  I also really like the bright and colourful Dr Oetker cupcake cases.

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  1. You’re right, they are fab! Although I got a row off Megs for forgetting to bring one back for her!! xx

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