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A while ago now I won a Dr Hauschka Radiant You Starter Kit from a giveaway on BeautySwot.  I only got around to using it after Christmas and have just got to the end of the tube of cleanser so I thought it was about time I wrote a review.

The starter kit contains cleansing cream, facial toner, a mini lavender bath and a muslin cloth.  I was also lucky enough to win a Melissa day cream so I had a whole new skincare regime.  The starter kit comes with instructions (just as well as I had no clue what lavender bath was!) which include a description of the best way to apply your cleanser.  I didn’t know there was any specific way to apply cleanser but it turns out you are supposed to press and roll your fingers.

The first step of cleansing is to put a few drops of the lavender bath into a basin of warm water, dip in the muslin and then hold over your face for a few seconds.  I don’t think the lavender bath really does anything for your skin but it makes the water smell gorgeous and makes you feel like you are really pampering yourself.  The lavender bath comes in a little glass vial and unfortunately, somebody knocked it off the sink and smashed it after I’d only used a few times.  It was probably my fault for leaving it on the side!

Anyway, back to the point, once you have used the lavender bath, you cleanse using the special Dr Hauschka cleansing technique.  The cleanser also gently exfoliates at the same time.  To make sure you get all the cleanser off, you use the muslin dipped in the lavender bath again.  Next you spray the toner over your face.  The spray on the toner is really good at spreading it out evenly in a mist over your face (does that make sense?!).  I’ve had toners before where the nozzle just sprays it out more like a jet than a mist.  Finally you apply the day cream.  I really like the smell of this but I do find that it can take a few minutes to sink in properly.  The website says that it is suitable for oily skin but I find that if I use too much it leaves my skin quite greasy and I’ve got normal/dry skin.  I would have thought that it might be too heavy for oily skin?

Since I’ve started using this range my skin has felt really clean and less dry than usual.  I think using the muslin makes a big difference as it makes sure you get all the product off.  The only thing I don’t like about the range is the packaging – I prefer pretty packaging!  You can buy all of the products separately from the website or get the starter kit for £39.95 and the day cream for £23.95.

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