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If you are looking for an academic diary for September then you should be able to find one you like in the Dodo Pad range.

I have got the Dodo Acad-Pad desk diary for 2010/11 and can’t wait to start using it properly.  Each week has its own double page in the diary with one of those pages being for the 7 days and the other free for notes.  Every page has a different design which really brightens up the diary and just makes you want to use it!  At the start of the diary there is also a year view on a double page which is good for writing in important deadlines and birthdays so you can see quickly what you’ve got coming up.  The end few pages of the diary consist of  a forward planner so you can keep a note of things before you have got your diary for next year as well as a couple of extra pages for notes.  Usually I buy the smallest diary possible as my bag tends to get heavy with files and textbooks so I don’t really want to add to the weight with a big diary.  Last year however, I found that I didn’t have enough room to write in my A6 diary, (especially as I have quite big writing!) so the Dodo Pad is a better size for me and it is not as heavy as you would expect.  Also, as it is a ringbinder, you can always rip out pages once you are done with them so it’ll get smaller as the year goes on.

Dodo Pad also have a new Filofax compatible version of their diaries – this is just the inserts which fit inside an original Filofax.  If I had a Filofax I would definitely buy these as they are much brighter and more colourful than the ones I found on the actual Filofax website.

As well as diaries, Dodo Pad also sell wall calendars, address books and other things to help you keep organised!

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