Docteur Renaud’s Carrot Radiance

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Docteur Renaud's Carrot Radiance (2)

It’s been a while since I last tried a Docteur Renaud’s product but recently I have been obsessed with the Carrot Radiance Range. I’ve been using the day cream, night cream and face scrub for a couple of weeks and can report that it is officially my new favourite skincare range!

Docteur Renaud's Carrot Radiance

Carrot is supposed to add luminosity and help protect your skin against the effects of pollution, alcohol, unhealthy eating and UV radiation. I know it’s used in quite a lot of skincare ranges but I’ve always steered away because I don’t like eating carrots. Which is a really rubbish reason not to have tried carrot products before! I guess I was worried that they would make my face smell like carrot which the Carrot Radiance range most definitely does not! In fact, the amazing scent is one of my favourite things about the range.

I’m not usually a fan of night creams as I tend to find them too thick but this one is just perfect. It is slightly thicker than the day cream, but not excessively so, and it doesn’t make your face look shiny or greasy after you’ve applied it, which is one of my pet hates with night creams. The face scrub is nice and gentle and I really feel like it has made a difference to my skin. I always find it hard to judge whether these kind of products actually make my skin look any different, but I can honestly say that since starting to use the range, my skin has felt much healthier and softer and I personally think that it looks better – I think it has evened out my skin tone and gotten rid of the dry patches I sometimes get around my nose and chin. I only had small tubes of each product but I will definitely be repurchasing each one in the bigger size!

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