Decléor Candle Trio

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You’ve probably heard of Decléor, a company selling skincare products?  When I had the only facial I’ve ever had, the therapist used Decléor products and they were really good.  I didn’t realise that they sold anything other than skincare products but I’ve got this lovely gift set of three scented candles.  The scents are amber, neroli and cedar which are quite unusual.  (Neroli is apparently an essential oil which comes from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree.)  You can burn the candles either separately or together to get a range of different scents.  They come in a dark purple box and the trio of candles are in purple holders, each of which is the perfect size to house a tealight once the original candle is burnt.  The gift set is quite expensive at £21.75 but would make the perfect gift for a candle lover.

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