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I have curly, frizzy hair which is completely impossible to control.  At least that’s what I thought until I found Dark and Lovely, Moisture Plus Olive Oil.  It is designed for afro hair but I’ve found that it works brilliantly on my dark blonde Caucasian hair as well.  I only need to use the tiniest amount to calm down all of my shoulder length hair, whereas I have needed to use whole handfuls of other anti frizz creams to make even the smallest difference to my frizz!  Dark and Lovely leaves my curls looking more defined and glossy without making my hair look greasy- it is the best anti frizz product I have ever used in years of battle with my hair!

After finding Dark and Lovely, I looked at some more afro hair products and have found an amazing conditioning mask- Olive Oil Replenishing Pak by Organic Root Stimulator.  I leave it on for an hour or so every few weeks with my head wrapped in a towel or cling film!  It smells gorgeous and orangey and makes my hair unbelievably soft which definitely makes wandering around the house with my head covered in cling film worth while!

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