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Bright and early on Friday morning I set off for Center Parcs in the Lake District (near Penrith) with my parents and sisters.  We were driving from Cardiff and needed to be there by 3 o clock as we were booked in for a spa session in the Aqua Sana.  Fortunately there were no delays and we made it with plenty of time to pick up our bikes before heading to the spa.

We spent a relaxing afternoon in the spa trying out all the different saunas, steam rooms, relaxation areas and pools.  I’ve been to the Aqua Sana in both Longleat and Elvedon and this one was just as good as the others.

When we were all finished, we headed to our villa to unpack.  We were staying in a 3 bed executive lodge which even had its own sauna!

On the Saturday morning we had lots of activities booked.  My mum and I had the Bliss Dual Treatment which is a Hawaiian wave massage followed by Champagne, chocolate and strawberries.  Neither of us had had a massage before so didn’t really know what to expect.  I don’t think I was relaxed enough though as I found it very tickly especially when they massaged our ears!  The Champagne at the end was a nice way to end the experience.  My sister had a facial which she said was really good and ended up getting some great deals on the skincare products they recommended for her.  My step dad was booked in for the golf simulator at the same time as our treatments by unfortunately they had double booked so he had to go later on in the day.

That afternoon, we tried out the Subtropical Swimming Paradise which was fun although not quite as good as the other two Center Parcs pools I have been to.  There were no rapids in this one which has been the highlight of the other pools!

In the evening we went to an Indian restaurant Rajinda Pradesh.  Even though we had far too much food it was all delicious and the staff were all very friendly.

All in all we had a lovely relaxing weekend break.  We could have been much more active if we wanted to – there are loads of activities and something for everyone of every age.

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