Christmas Tree Decorations

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Here are some cute baubles to decorate your tree with this Christmas…..

Waterford Crystal have a range of decorations including this beautiful snowflake.  I love it as it’s simple and not over the top but still looks lovely, especially when all of the fairy lights sparkle through it.  It comes in quite a sturdy box which you can use to store it over the years and the box is nice enough that you could give the bauble as a gift.





This decoration made by Wedgewood China is more traditional.  It’s really pretty and is quite pale so stands out well against the dark green of the tree.  Wedgewood China have a number of other Christmas tree baubles, all based around a similar sort of pattern and colour scheme.

Although these are really lovely baubles, they are not the sort of thing you’d decorate your whole tree in as they are quite pricey.  The Waterford Crystal snowflake is £35 while the Wedgewood China one is cheaper at £17.50.  However, they are perfect if you are looking for a special, stand out Christmas decoration this year.

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