Choosing the Kia Soul

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Today I was asked to pick which type of Kia Soul I wanted for the term.  I didn’t realise cars were so confusing – I had a choice of 2 cars but still managed to pick a type which doesn’t exist!  I was asked if I wanted an automatic or manual, petrol or diesel and if I would like a Petrol Shaker or a CRDi.  So I picked a diesel Petrol Shaker, stupidly thinking that Petrol Shaker was just the name of the car, not that it was run on petrol!  After being told that the car I wanted wasn’t real, I looked at the website again before phoning my mum who was also slightly confused.  She told me that Di stood for diesel but how was I supposed to know that!?!  The website probably makes perfect sense if you understand cars so at least I’ll know for next time!

Anyway, I’ve been told today that the CRDi Automatic Kia Soul will be delivered to me on Friday and I can’t wait to start driving!!!

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