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Charmed by Accurist is a new range of watches which have a charm bracelet strap allowing you to personalise your watch.  Prices range from £75 to £90 for the bracelet with the clock face.  Charms are extra but the prices depend on which charms you choose.

There are 3 different watches in the range.  ‘Daisy’ has a discrete flower around the edge of the face, ‘Passion’ has love hearts and ‘Crystal Row’ is detailed with Swarovski crystals.  The watches have a mother of pearl dial.

I really like the idea of these watches and I think they look really nice.  However, I did find that the strap was far too big for my wrist and I haven’t got particularly small wrists.  There may be a way to shorten the strap but I couldn’t see any obvious way as there are no links to take out.  Being able to change the charms means you can have a different watch for every outfit so it will always go with what you are wearing.  Also it means that nobody will have the same watch as you so you will always look individual.

The collection will be available from leading jewellery shops including Goldsmiths, H Samuel, Fraser Hart, F Hinds and Ernest Jones and are compatible with all leading charm brands.  Currently only ‘Passion’ is for sale but from 1st July you can buy the other two.

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