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Carino Miracle Oil contains argan oil which, despite all of the hype, I haven’t actually tried out yet.  The main reason I haven’t tried argan oil yet is the price.  I’ve had bad experiences with hair oils in the past so didn’t want to spend lots on argan oil which might not even suit my hair!  Miracle Oil was one of the “Special Buys” from Aldi back in September and only cost £3.99 so was much cheaper than proper argan oil.  I was a little worried that the oil would leave my hair looking greasy but it is actually really lightweight.  I use a few drops on the bottom inch or two of my hair after I’ve washed it.  I get very frizzy ends but the Miracle Oil makes them look much better.  I think the oil has made my hair stronger as well as I haven’t had it cut in a while and I’ve got far fewer split ends than I would normally have after leaving it so long to have a hair cut!  I also sometimes use the oil on my hair once it’s dried to give the curls a bit more definition.

As Miracle Oil was a Special Buy it is hard to get hold of as it was only available until the stock ran out.  Hopefully Aldi will run it as another Special Buy sometime soon as I would definitely buy it again!

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