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Bulldog Moisturiser is a face and neck moisturiser for men with sensitive skin.  It doesn’t smell or look at all girly and has a thick consistency so should last quite a while.  It costs just £6.99 for 100ml which I would say is completely worth it.

Bulldog products are made in the UK using nearly all natural ingredients.  Occasionally, synthetic ingredients are used if necessary (ie to improve shelf life), but none of them have been linked with any sort of health problems.  None of the products are tested on animals or use ingredients derived from animals and all of the packaging is recyclable.  Usually, I find that natural products are more expensive than those using only synthetic ingredients which was why I was surprised at the price of this moisturiser.

If your boyfriend/brother/dad…won’t buy this moisturiser for themselves, then I’d definitely recommend buying it for them as a present!  You can buy Bulldog Moisturiser either from their website or from BigGreenSmile.com.

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