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On the weekend I went in to Build-A-Bear Workshop to find the perfect bear for my cousins first birthday.  I’ve never been in before so wasn’t really sure what to expect. Nick came with me grudgingly but I think he ended up having a good time helping to customise the bear!

The first step in the shop is to choose your bear.  As you can see from the photo there are lots to choose from and not just bears either – rabbits, sheep, dogs, owls….  The prices seemed to be between £9 and £15 depending on the type of bear you went for.  We ended up choosing the Lil’ Chocolate Cub who has such soft strokeable fur!

Next we moved on to the sound station where you can choose a sound to go inside your bear.  These cost extra and the prices vary with the type of sound.  You can get anything from a bear roar or owl hoot to a personalised message.

After that it’s on to the big machine which they use to fill your bear up with fluff.  I actually managed to forget to take a photo of this but it’s quite impressive.  You are able to hug your bear after it’s been filled to see whether you more stuffing or not.  When that’s done you pick a heart for you bear and the member of staff who’s stuffed your bear does a heart ceremony for you which involves spinning round, making a wish and kissing the heart.  I think this is great fun for little people but I did feel a bit silly!

Once the bear was stuffed we moved round the shop to the clothes section.  There are so many outfits to choose from!  We ended up going with a cute pair of denim dungarees.

The final stage of the Build-A-Bear experience is to get your bear a birth certificate.  Scanning in the bar code of the bear gives you the colour, height and weight of the bear and then you just need to give it a name.  The birth certificate also says who the bear belongs to and who the bear is from.  You had to put in your address and email address to get the certificate so I hope I don’t get endless messages from them now asking me to buy stuff!

Anyway, here are some photos of Dylan the bear.  I really hope my cousin loves him as much as I do!

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