Botanicals Beautiful Hands Serum

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The Beautiful Hands Anti Aging Serum from Botanicals is a real treat to use. I am a little bit addicted to hand cream so was extremely excited when this serum arrived at through the door! imageThe first thing I love about the serum is the packaging. The little bottle with the pipette is just so cute! The scent is fabulous too, a mixture of rosehip and frankincense …… It reminds me of relaxing in a spa…. I mainly use the serum on its own but sometimes I use it before a hand cream for some extra moisture. It costs £13.95 for a 10ml bottle. It sounds like 10ml would be finished in no time but as the serum is so concentrated, a little goes a really long way. Much further than a normal hand cream. I have been using it every few days for nearly two months now and have only got through about 1/8th of the bottle! I can’t recommend it enough!

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