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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
To begin with I thought this was a bit slow but it turns into a brilliant, fast paced story which I couldn’t put down.

The Midwife’s Confession by Diane Chamberlain
This is a fantastic book – read my review here.

The Legacy by Kirsten Tranter
Some parts of this book were really good but I thought some bits were a tad slow.

Enigma by Robert Harris
My dad recommended this book to me (because of my university course!) and I loved it. I don’t think you need to be doing a maths subject to enjoy it though (my dad liked it too)!

Midwife on Call by Agnes Light
I kept on reading this thinking it would get better but it didn’t. It felt like I was reading about a woman bragging about how good a midwife she was.

The Good Soldier by Ford Maddox Ford
It took me a while to get into this but once I did I really liked it.

Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
I really loved this!

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  1. I wrote Midwife on Call and on the contrary I certainly don’t think I’m a great midwife and was not bragging. I even admitted I’d made mistakes. I was simply telling the stories of some of the women I’ve met. I was passionate about my job though and maybe that makes it look like I’m bragging.

    1. Hi Agnes. Maybe bragging wasn’t the right word. I liked the stories you told about the various women but it seemed as though you always focussed on how you went about doing your work. It would have been nice to have read some more about your life outside of work to make the book seem more personal. Perhaps I’ll feel different when I have a baby? Perhaps then I’ll be able to empathise more with you and will have more of an idea of the intensity of a midwife’s job? If you write any more books, send me a copy as I would definitely read another one. I passed ‘Midwife on Call’ onto my Mum and she enjoyed it. She has since passed it onto 2 other women and written a review! Thanks for commenting Agnes anyway! It’s always nice when readers of my blog get in touch. xxx

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