Body Collection Crystal Suede Nail Varnish

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I love the colour of this Body Collection Midnight Blue nail varnish.  It is really hard to photograph below as it looks much glitterier in real life!  In some lights there you can also see some dark purple flecks.

I found the nail varnish quite hard to apply as the brush is quite thick and even though I’m usually quite good at putting on nail varnish, this time I managed to make a massive mess, getting blue on the skin all around my nails!  I had to apply it very slowly!  The nail varnish dries pretty quickly but you need at least two coats so that it doesn’t look patchy.  Before I applied the top coat, the varnish was really glittery but quite a dull navy blue colour.  Once the top coat was on, the blue seemed to get darker and looked much shinier.  The photo shows the nail varnish with a top coat.  I really liked the effect without the top coat but I always manage to chip my nails really quickly so a top coat is essential for me as it means I don’t have to redo my nails every day!

Even though I found this varnish a little tricky to apply I would buy it again as it is such good value at £2.99 and I really do love the colour.  It just isn’t the nail varnish to use when you’re in a rush!

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