Black Chicken Body Oil

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Black Chicken Remedies is an Australian brand who make a fantastic body oil which has recently been launched at Selfridges.  The body oil is 100% natural and is made using a mixture of essential oils – sandalwood, ylang ylang, geranium – and other natural ingredients including hazelnut, coconut, rosehip and avocado.  It is recommended that you apply the body oil daily after a bath or shower but I wouldn’t use it in the mornings as it does take a while to sink in.  I absolutely love the smell which is really luxurious and relaxing and I think everyone should have the chance to use this body oil!  This is another one of those times when I wish I wasn’t a student as the Black Chicken Body Oil costs £45.50 for 100ml – it does come in expensive looking packaging though!  This will definitely be added to the list of products I want to buy once I’ve got a proper job!

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