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It’s time again for me to try and find a birthday present for my boyfriend.  I am always trying to find something a bit different but seeing as I am a student I don’t have a lot of money to spend.  This year I have found some great ideas………

Fun stuff

Wicked Vision is actually a website that sells toys and games.  This might not seem suitable for a 20 year old but the stuff they have – boomerangs, yoyos, Frisbees – can be used by people of all ages.  The prices start from just £3.99 which makes them good stocking fillers (or whatever the birthday equivalent is!).  The light up Duncan Pulse yoyo that I bought for my boyfriend ended up being his favourite present of the day!

Urbanz have lots of high quality headphones in a kaleidoscope of different colours.  They have ‘in ear’ headphones, ‘ear hooks’ and the big ‘DJ’ headphones.  I’ve got my boyfriend some blue, ‘in ear’ ones as they are small enough to fit easily into his bag when he comes on the train to visit me!  Urbanz also sell speaker and gadget bags in exciting, bright designs.

Foodie things

Hawkshead Relish have a lot of interesting items.  They sell all sorts of different flavoured relishes as well as jams, cheese, puddings and handmade chocolate.  The prices aren’t much higher than supermarkets but the products make a change from the normal sorts of things that supermarkets sell and they taste much better as well.  My favourite product from this website has to be the Sticky Toffee Sauce which can be poured hot or cold over sticky toffee pudding, ice cream, bananas or whatever else you fancy.


The old fashioned hair product Brylcreem has launched a new range which a brand new logo.  There are lots of products in the range from gels to wax so there should be something to suit all hair types.  The new packaging looks really smart and the product smell good as well.


There are lots of drinks you can buy but if you want something a bit special then why not try Camitz Sparkling Vodka from Sweden.  It is perfect for cocktails but you can also drink it as a shot or with a mixer.  It stays bubbly for up to eight hours once opened and apparently stays a premium vodka once the bubbles have gone (I haven’t actually tried this though).  We used the Sparkling Vodka to make yummy Sparkling Cosmopolitan Cocktails.  Here is the recipe we used:

  • 1 part Cointreau
  • 1 part freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 4 parts cranberry juice
  • 4 parts Sparkling Vodka
  • All you have to do is shake up all the ingredients (except the vodka) with lots of crushed ice and pour into a glass.  Then top with the Sparkling Vodka.

Another drink to try is Southern Comfort.  You can drink it in lots of different ways – with ginger beer, lemonade, straight or as a New Orleans inspired cocktail.  Southern Comfort has also just launched a new style bottle so even though it’s not the most original of birthday ideas, it is at least slightly different to normal!

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