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After reading about how brilliant Cat from Reaching for the Stars thought Bio Oil was, I was really looking forward to trying it for myself.  I sometimes get slightly dry skin on my face, my skin tone is also a bit uneven and I used to get little red bumps on the tops of my arms have left faint marks.  These are all problems that Bio Oil is supposed to help with.

I’m never very sure about using oil on my face as I don’t like ones that take an age to skin in or just leave you looking greasy.  Bio Oil however sinks in very quickly so is fine for applying in the mornings when you’re rushing around a bit – it also smells nice and fresh.  After using the oil for a week or so, both morning and night, I did notice an improvement in my skin – it looked healthier and my skin tone looked a bit more even.  I didn’t really notice any difference to the tops of my arms though.  I kept on using the oil but started to notice little spots under the skin around my eyes and on my cheeks.  I’ve been lucky enough not to have ever really suffered from spots, just the occasional one, so I thought maybe the oil was to blame.  I cut down to only using it once every other day and although I didn’t get any more spots, they didn’t seem to go down very quickly.  I’ve stopped using the oil regularly now and only use it maybe once a week to give my skin a bit of a boost.  I’m not sure why my skin has reacted like this to Bio Oil as I’ve always had dry skin so I would have thought the oil would be suitable.  I’ve read so many good things about Bio Oil and am quite disappointed that my skin doesn’t seem to like it!  Has anyone else used it?  Did it work for you?

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  1. Hi! BioOil contains mineral oil, which can clog pores. That is probably why you got the spots. I no longer use this on my face either, just on hands or other dry areas of skin on my body that aren’t prone to breakouts. Hope this helped!

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