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My sister Megan has been trying out Bio Oil and here is what she thinks of it….

The red pigments on the tops of my arms have always made me self conscious, especially when wearing t-shirts or bikinis which are pretty basic necessities for the summer.  After using countless creams and tablets all claiming that they’ll “work wonders” and “clear everything up” and evidently doing absolutely nothing at all, I officially gave up. With summer fast approaching and a fun-filled holiday with friends getting nearer by the day, I finally found the wonder that is “Bio-Oil”. Bio OilWeary of it at first (call me a cynic), I was tempted to just forget about it and go on with my day. But what the hell, I thought, may as well. Bio-Oil is a specialist skin care for all types of skin problems including stretch marks, uneven skin tones, ageing skin, scars and dehydrated skin and with the special ingredient of PurCellin Oil (I don’t know what it is either) it smoothes skin and makes it soft and refreshed. I have been using this product for well over two weeks now and have already noticed a difference. It must be applied twice a day which is easy enough when waking up and before going to sleep – quick and simple and perfect for people on the go. The red pigments on my skin are gradually going down and I am feeling more confident about showing my arms during my summer holiday – on the note of summer holidays, BioOil does have a particularly sun-creamy type smell, constantly making me think of going on sunning it up on a beach…not so good whilst I’m in the thick of exams! Sceptical at first due to being let down by so many other products, I am extremely glad that I gave this a try and am definitely going to go and buy myself another bottle!

Bio Oil costs £14.99 for a 125ml bottle in Boots.

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