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Belvita Breakfast is a new type of biscuit especially designed for breakfast.  They are made with whole grain, contain a selection of vitamins and minerals and come in two different flavours – Milk & Cereals and Fruit & Fibre.  Eating a portion of 4 biscuits is enough to keep you going all morning according to the box.  I was very sceptic of this so decided to give them a try.

Usually I eat quite a big breakfast because otherwise I am starving well before lunch so I couldn’t believe that these biscuits could do what the box claims.  However, after eating them I felt surprisingly full and didn’t start to get hungry until after half eleven.  This is pretty good for something you can eat on the go and they taste a lot better than they look.  To be honest I almost didn’t eat them as they do look very unappetising but I suppose it doesn’t really matter how they look if you can eat them on your way to work or in my case lectures.

I wouldn’t eat these every day for breakfast but they are perfect for those mornings when you need those extra minutes sleep!

(A box of 6 portions costs £2.19 and you can also by a single portion for 49p.  They are available from all the main supermarkets.)

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