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I’ve recently tried a body butter and a bubble bath from Beautifully Delicious.  The packaging is bright and summery and the prices are surprisingly low.  The 500ml bubble bath costs just £3.00 and the body butter is £4.98.  Also, the products are made using natural fruit extracts and oils, which means you are putting fewer nasty chemicals into your body.

Butterlicious Papaya and Mango Body Butter is brilliant.  It has a nice texture which isn’t too runny and sinks quickly into your skin leaving it nice and soft and smelling good enough to eat.  Although it smells really good, I did find it quite overpowering if I used it in the morning as it masked my perfume.

Bubblelicious Papaya and Mango Bath and Shower Gel also smells delicious.  It can be used as either a bubble bath or shower gel.  Using it as bubble bath gave one of the bubbliest baths I’ve ever had – I needed to have the taps on full blast to get the bubbles to start but once they arrived there were loads of them!

Beautifully Delicious have a few different ranges each with a different smell and they do other products such as lip butters, body scrubs and bath bombs.  You can buy Beautifully Delicious products in Sainsbury’s and Boots as well as online from the Next Directory or the Beautifully Delicious website.

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