Balm Balm Rose Geranium Hand Balm

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As you would guess from the name, this hand balm has the gorgeous smell of roses. The balm is quite greasy and takes a while to be absorbed so I tend to use it before I go to bed. This gives it time to sink in properly and leaves my hands feeling lovely and soft in the mornings. Balm Balm Hand Balm from is 100% organic and uses 100% natural ingredients so you know you are not putting any nasty chemicals into your skin.

The balm can be used on more than just your hands; the box suggests using it on your feet, lips, face, neck and elbows as well. I don’t think I’d try it on my face due to the balm being greasy but it is definitely a good idea for elbows and feet.

At just £5.99 I would recommend this hand balm to everyone!

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