Arnicare Bath & Massage Balm

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Arnicare Bath & Massage Balm is made from organic Arnica Montana which is grown in the Scottish highlands.  Arnica Montana is an alpine plant with bright yellow flowers which has natural anti-inflammatory properties.  There are no parabens, lanolin, mineral oil, SLS’s or PEGs so should be ok for sensitive skin.

I’m not sure why it’s called Bath & Massage Balm as I always think of balms as solid whereas this is much more of an oil.  You can apply it to damp skin as an intensive moisturiser and although it takes a while to sink in, it’s definitely worth the wait!  You have to be careful when getting the oil out of the bottle though as it’s so runny so you can easily pour out far too much.  The oil can also be used as a massage oil for stiff muscles or you can use it instead of bubble bath.  I’ve got to admit that when I tried this, the bath didn’t look very appealing – no bubbles and the water looked milky and a bit grubby.  However the flowery smell is gorgeous and not overpowering and when I got out of the bath my skin felt so hydrated that I didn’t even need to use any moisturiser!

It’s a reasonable price at around £8 and I’d really recommend it to anyone with dry skin.  You can buy Arnicare Bath & Massage Oil from Boots as well as some pharmacies.

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