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Albelli is a website similar to Bonusprint where you can turn your photos into calendars, canvases, photo books and other gifts.  I’ve used the website to create a diary which I’m really pleased with.

I was slightly surprised that to use Albelli you are asked to download a program which is then used to make whichever product you decide on.  I’ve never used a website like this other than to get normal prints and that’s usually just done online.  The program doesn’t take very long to download and is pretty self explanatory to use.  I did think that there were some unnecessary tools and it would take you ages to create some of the products if you used every tool.  However, I suppose it’s better to have too many options and it does give the you opportunity to make completely original gifts.

It ended up taking me a long time to find enough good photos to use for my diary as there are 26 photo pages but some of those pages needed more than one photo.  Most of the photos needed to be portrait but the majority of my photos are landscape which resulted in a lot of scenery pages!  One thing I don’t like about the diary is that it has 40 photo/business cards.  I think if I’d wanted to get business cards I would have just ordered them anyway.

Ordering the diary was really easy and it was dispatched very quickly so it arrived just a few days later.  The diary is really high quality and is the perfect size with a year planner and pages for making notes.  It is quite expensive at £17.95 but is a great gift idea and makes a nice change from a shop bought diary.

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