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My newest nail varnish is the 2true Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish from Superdrug.  It is ok but not as good as other brands I’ve used; however as it costs just £1.95 I didn’t expect it to be the best nail varnish I’d ever tried.

I’ve got Shade 5 which looks like a bright pinky red in the bottle but actually dries slightly orange on my nails.  I’ve been finding it quite hard to apply as it is so runny and I end up having far too much on the brush.  On the plus side, the nail varnish does dry quickly so is good to use if you’re running late!  Every time I’ve used this nail varnish it has chipped by the next day which is a bit disappointing as I can usually wear nail varnish for longer than that before it chips.  I think this nail varnish might stay on your nails for longer without chipping if you used a base coat and top coat which I don’t normally bother with as they seem like a lot of effort!

I’m not sure whether I’d buy another nail varnish from the same range, I think I’ll have to try it with the top coat before I decide!

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