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Bassbuds Headphones & Discount Code

My latest pair of headphones are from Bassbuds, just plain black but with Swarovski crystal on the back making them a little different.  The headphones give a really good sound quality and have a handy pause/play button towards the ear end which is good as you don’t need to keep getting your iPod/phone out of your pocket.  You can also use the headphones as a hands free as there is a tiny mic as well.  They come with some spare pairs of ear buds in different sizes and also a storage bag.  These headphones cost £34.95.  I’m really pleased with how good these are!Bassbuds are offering you lucky lot a £5 discount voucher to spend on their headphones, just enter the code BB38487.


Swarovski Crystal Pens

These pens from the online boutique are studded with Swarovski crystals and come in a whole range of designs and prices.

I’ve got this little pink pen which had a few crystals on the end and costs £17.99.

The pen I really love (but is slightly out of my price range!) is this one covered completely in crystals.  It’s really cute but does cost £60 which is quite a lot for a student.  You can buy refills for this pen though so you don’t need to throw it away when it runs out.

The pens come in a gift box and you can even get some of them engraved so they make a great little gift and are something a bit different to your average box of chocolates.

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