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Munio Candela Soy Wax Candle

I’ve had a Munio Candela candle from MyPure before and I really loved it so thought I’d get another one.  I went for the candle poured in a brown jar in the scent “Inspiration”.  There was nothing on the website to tell me what “Inspiration” would smell like so it was really just a random choice!  I like the little linen bag the candle comes in which makes it a bit different from other candles but unfortunately that’s the only thing I like.  The brown jar is quite ugly really and I seriously can’t stand the scent.  I couldn’t even try to describe the smell – it’s like nothing I’ve ever smelt before!  It’s a shame about the scent as I could have got over the ugly jar if I liked the smell.  This candle has put me off buying any more Munio Candela candles from MyPure as £14 is a lot to spend on a candle if you are not sure you will like the smell.  I think it would be a really good idea for MyPure to describe the scents so that you can get a better idea of what candle you will like!


Munio Candela Relaxation


When I noticed that MyPure sold candles I just had to try one.  The Munio Candela candles are soy fragranced with 100% essential oils.  I went for the Relaxation candle which is poured in a paint pot.  Soy candles are don’t produce the soot that normal candles give off so are much better for you and they also burn for 50% longer.

When I ordered the candle, I was expecting it to have maybe a lavender scent but when it arrived, to be honest, I was slightly put off by the smell (don’t ask me what it smells of – I can’t work it out!).  I was also surprised by the wick which is oddly shaped and made from wood.

Even though I wasn’t overly keen on the smell, I wasn’t about to waste £23 worth of candle, so I lit it anyway.  I seriously can’t work out what it smells like but it seems to smell entirely different once it’s lit!  I really love this candle and I think it’s worth spending a bit more on soy candles.  This one looks really unique as well and should burn for around 50 hours.

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