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simplehuman Sensor Pump

A bit random but I just had to tell you about my new simplehuman soap dispenser – I love it!  It has a motion sensor so when you put your hand underneath it dispenses just the right amount of soap depending on what volume setting your dispenser is set to.  It needs four AA batteries, holds 384ml of soap and is really easy to refill.  The dispenser costs £39.99 which is quite a lot so is probably the sort of thing you would buy as a gift for someone who has everything or someone who loves pointless gadgets!  It’s amazing!Do you like the look of this? Would you ever buy one?


Dr Bronner’s Magic Organic Shaving Gel Soap

I’ve never really bought shaving gel before, I’ve always just used shower gel to shave my legs, so I can’t really compare Dr Bronner’s Shaving Gel to other shaving gels but I can say that it is so much better than using normal shower gel! I love the lemony smell and that you only need a small amount to cover both legs.  The gel also stays put on your legs and isn’t rinsed off easily like shower gel – I quite often shave my legs in the shower and find that shower gel is gone really quickly!   Dr Bronner’s shaving gel is also very moisturising which is brilliant.  Definitely a thumbs up from me!


Melvita Christmas Gift Sets

I’ve used Meltiva products a couple of times before and think they are brilliant. At the moment they you can get limited edition beehive gift boxes and wrapping paper for free with your order so that you can make up the perfect Christmas gift set for someone. As you can choose your products, you can pick the exact products you think whoever would like and you can keep it to within your price range. I think this is a great idea as quite often I see gift sets with at least one product that I don’t think will be used.

There is a big range of stuff to choose from, from body lotions and soaps to eau de tolilette and massage oil.  Here is just a selection of what you could buy…..

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