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Zing Organics Nude Collection

You might remember my review a few weeks ago of a candle from Zing Organics?  Well here’s another one!  This is the clove, patchouli and vanilla scented candle from the Nude Collection and it’s just perfect for winter.  It’s not too Christmassy that you have to wait until December to use it but it does remind you that Christmas is on its way!  I’ve always loved vanilla scented candles and this is no exception.  I also love that you can see the little beads of vanilla used to make it.  Like all of the candles from Zing Organics, it is free from artificial colourings, preservatives and fragrances and it doesn’t give off lots of soot like cheaper candles.  I like that all of the candles in the range are cream coloured as it means that you don’t end up choosing a scent which is the best colour to suit your living room!  You can actually just pick your favourite one.  This size candle, 180ml, from the Nude Collection costs £30 but there are other sizes available.


Icy Blue Pine

Icy Blue Pine is the new Christmassy scented candle by Votivo. I really like the packaging of the candle – it comes in a thick cardboard blue, silver and black box which is easy to open and looks very fancy. The candle itself is in a silver holder and is quite big. It smells very strong even without lighting it so will make the room smell Christmassy as soon as you open the box. As you would expect from the name, the candle is made to smell like a pine tree although it also reminds me of snow – I don’t think I’ve ever smelt a candle like this before! It is completely different to the usually Christmas scents of orange and spices. At £34 it is a lot more than I would usually spend on a candle (especially seeing as I am a student) but I do love it so when I’ve finished uni and got a proper job maybe I’ll try some more Votivo candles!

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