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Baldwin’s Natural Beauty Products

I have fallen completely in love with a set of products from Baldwin & Co! Baldwins is one of the largest suppliers of medicinal herbs, essential oils and natural products in the UK and was first established in 1844. I have been using the Green Tea & Frankincense Exfoliating Facial Scrub, the Pomegranate, Bilberry & Rose Rejuvenating Day Cream and the Harmonising Bath Oil.
Green Tea & Frankincense Exfoliating Facial Scrub
This scrub is, I think, the thickest facial scrub I have ever used. You need literally the tiniest amount and when it is applied to wet skin it spreads out over your whole face. The scrub has bamboo particles, rounded nut granules and birch bark extract as the scrub part and also has moisturising candellia wax beads. The combination of these ingredients gives the scrub a gorgeous smell – sometimes I just open the tub for a sniff even when I am not planning on using it! I have been using the scrub a couple of times a week but it is gentle enough to use more often if you need to.

Pomegranate, Bilberry & Rose Rejuvenating Day Cream
Again, this face cream is really thick and you only need a very small amount. It also smells amazing, I love the smell of rose and the other ingredients give it a more unique smell than just plain rose. The day cream is suitable for all skin types and contains kiwi seed oil and blackcurrant on top of the pomegranate and bilberry, which help keep your skin soft. It also features a blend of honeybush, green and white tea which contains anti oxidants to protect skin from free-radicals. I am never really sure what this actually means but I gather it is a good thing!

Harmonising Bath Oil
You can probably guess what I am going to say about this… It smells fantastic! A blend of lavender, marjoram and geranium which is perfect to help you relax after a long day. I love it!

I am so glad I have discovered Baldwins. I much prefer using natural products so am looking forward to exploring their website a bit more. I often find that natural products are quite expensive but these are a really reasonable price, £8.49 for a 60ml tub of the scrub, £11.95 for the moisturiser and £7.39 for 100ml of bath oil.


Cath Kidston Wild Rose Hand Cream

This is one of my favourite hand creams ever!  I was so happy when I found it in my stocking on Christmas morning!  I’ve had the hand balm twice before and and love the hand cream just as much as I did the balm.  The smell is the same but the consistency of the hand cream is lighter and the packaging is different.  This time the hand cream is more easily absorbed than the balm and it feels fluffier (if that makes sense!).  I really love the packaging – I wasn’t too keen on last years hand balm packaging and much prefer this one.  For anyone who like rose scented products, the Cath Kidston Wild Rose hand cream is definitely the hand cream for you!


Rosa Fina Lip Salve

The latest lip balm I’ve added to my collection is the Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Lip Salve from MyPure. It is so good!  I don’t feel as though I need to reapply it all the time as it is really moisturising.  It has a slightly weird flavour – cardamom and rose -which I can see some people not liking.  I didn’t like it at all when I first used it but it turns out that it just doesn’t go with the taste of toothpaste!  It gives your lips a bit of shine and is the right consistency for the applicator.  How annoying is it when lip balms are really runny and just pour out of the tube?! The Rosa Fina Lip Salve costs £12.95 for 15ml.


Lanolips Rose Balm Intense

I think I have a bit of a hand cream problem – I’ve got way too many!  I seem to have them dotted around the house as well as one in each of my bags but I do use them all so I feel it’s justified!  Lots of them absorb at different rates and they all smell different so I’ve got one for every occasion, whether I’m in a rush and need it to sink in quickly or I need some intense moisture for winter hands.

Anyway, the latest addition to my collection is the Lanolips Rose Balm Intense which contains more than 95% natural ingredients, including lanolin which is a natural substance coming from shorn sheep’s wool.  The balm has a light, delicate scent and actually sinks in surprisingly quickly seeing as it is ‘intense’.  It just leaves my hands feeling slightly tacky for a few minutes after applying rather than leaving them greasy which is nice.  It is really great at moisturising and I also like using it to keep my nails and cuticles in good condition.

You can buy Lanolips Rose Balm Intense from Boots – £9.18 for 50ml (plus it’s on the 3 for 2 offer at the moment!).


Melvita Christmas Gift Sets

I’ve used Meltiva products a couple of times before and think they are brilliant. At the moment they you can get limited edition beehive gift boxes and wrapping paper for free with your order so that you can make up the perfect Christmas gift set for someone. As you can choose your products, you can pick the exact products you think whoever would like and you can keep it to within your price range. I think this is a great idea as quite often I see gift sets with at least one product that I don’t think will be used.

There is a big range of stuff to choose from, from body lotions and soaps to eau de tolilette and massage oil.  Here is just a selection of what you could buy…..


Cath Kidston Rose Hand Salve

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this Cath Kidston Rose Hand Salve yet!  I had my first tub from my mum two Christmases ago and I absolutely love it.  The packaging it lovely – it feels and looks a bit more special than a normal tube of hand cream.  The hand salve smells gorgeous, it is thick and luxurious and best of all it works really, really brilliantly!

I tend to use it before I go to bed as being so thick it can take a while to sink in.  It stops me getting dry hands in winter (especially if I use it before my walk to uni and leave it to sink in underneath my gloves!) and is really good for looking after cuticles.  Even though I have had it for so long and use it at least every other night, it still hasn’t run out!  It’s also free from sulphates and parabens which is a bonus.

Last week, my mum gave me a new tub for my birthday so that I have one to leave at her house for when I go home during the holidays.  The new tub is slightly smaller and the packaging isn’t quite as nice but it is still the same amazing hand cream!

Definitely worth picking one up next time you’re in a Cath Kidston shop – or even making a special trip!  (It would make a great Christmas present for almost anyone as well!) Thanks Mum :-)


Acorelle White Orchid Body Milk

My first product from MyPure this month is the Acorelle White Orchid Body Milk.  I was originally going to get the Acorelle Rose Body Milk but I’m really glad I decided on the White Orchid instead as I really love the light, flowery, slightly spicy smell.

The body milk is quickly absorbed and leaves my skin smooth and hydrated.  It isn’t greasy at all and is the perfect consistency.  Not too thin and not so thick it gets stuck in the pump.  Now I’ve tried the body milk, I’m seriously considering trying the eau de parfum and/or shower gel from the White Orchid range.  Has anyone else used the eau de parfums from Acorelle?  I’ve never tried a natural perfume so I’m not really sure what to expect?

The Acorelle White Orchid Body Milk costs £12.90 for 200ml from MyPure and is free from sulphates, parabens and phthalates.


A’kin Rose & Geranium Cleanser

This month I’ve been using the A’kin Rose & Geranium Cleanser & Toner In One from MyPure.

As you know, I have absolutely loved all of the A’kin products I’ve tried in the past and this one is no different.  The cleanser smells amazing and is nice and gentle on my skin.  As well as being a toner, another bonus is that it removes eye makeup.  It has quite a thick consistency but you don’t need to use a huge amount for your whole face.

As with all of the products sold by MyPure, there are no sulphates, parabens or other nasty chemicals so is perfect for sensitive skin.


A Couple of Valentine’s Day Ideas…..

This Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath Anniversary Edition is expensive but makes your bath that extra bit special. It has an old fashioned glass bottle which you can reuse and it smells gorgeous.

Something a bit cheaper but still just a lovely smelling is a Bodhi gift set. The products don’t contain any harmful parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals and has a high ratio of essential oils. I love this cute I heart…. t shirt from La Redoute and it’s much cheaper than you would think at just £9.

Find-Me-A-Gift have some good ideas including this Rose Compact, the Valentine’s themed snuggie blanket and loads more. Not too sure about this Cupid’s Cushion though!  I mean it’s a fun idea but I personally wouldn’t pay £18 for it (certainly not the £30 when it’s not in the sale).  There are some much nicer gifts on the website which I would choose over this cushion.

For something different, why not try this Black Moth Truffle Vodka? I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t a massive fan when I first tasted it – it tastes quite salty. I’ve never actually had a proper truffle so can’t say whether they taste anything like the vodka but it is made using them so I would assume that it does! The website has lots of ideas for cocktails using the Truffle Vodka, some of them are very odd and not what you would think to put together but they somehow work!If you’re not sure about something quite as exotic as the Truffle Vodka, why not try BLOOM Gin.  It has “delicate floral notes and aromas, enriched by the natural botanicals of chamomile, pomelo and honeysuckle, capture the uplifting sense of spring” according to the website.  I’ve got to be honest, I’ve only tried it with tonic but there are some really nice looking cocktail recipes on their website if you want to jazz it up a little.

I don’t know about you but I can’t tell the difference between sparkling wine and proper Champagne (unless I drink one after the other!) so if, like me, you can’t afford to splash out on the real stuff then Hardys have a great alternative – Hardys Crest Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir. They’ve also got a rose version which tastes delicious as well.


Rustic Rose Pillar Candle

Over Christmas I had an Orange and Cinnamon candle tin from the St Eval Candle Company which smelled amazing.  My second candle from the same company is the Rustic Rose Pillar Candle which also smells gorgeous.  It costs £11 and should burn for 90 hours.  I would definitely recommend it especially with Valentine’s Day coming up!

St Eval Candle Company has so many lovely candles you’re sure to find something.  They have tealights, pillar candles, candles in tins or glasses with different colours and patterns as well as a few outdoor candles and even garden flares!  Although they are quite expensive compared to places like IKEA, it’s worth it as they smell more natural somehow and don’t give off the soot you can get from cheaper candles.

You can either buy online or from one of the stockists listed here.

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