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Queen Cleanser & Toner

Every Queen product I have ever tried has been brilliant. My most recent discoveries are the Medicated Cleansing Lotion and Skin Freshener. Queen CosmeticsQueen CosmeticsQueen Cosmetics specialise in products for sensitive skin so like the rest of the range, both products are extremely gentle on your skin. The cleanser is thick and nourishing and can remove even stubborn waterproof mascara. The skin freshener is perfect for removing any last traces of make up which might be left after cleansing.

Sometimes I get allergic reactions to products I try (like the Radical Exfoliating Pads I tried out recently). These Queen products are the only things I can use on my skin in the few days following an allergic reaction and I can always rely on Queen to get my skin back to normal.

The cleanser and toner cost £16.25 for 250ml and they are definitely worth the money. Even though I know I will keep trying other cleansers and toners in my search for the best skin care products, I will always make sure I keep a bottle of each of these in the cupboard!


Queen Eye Make-up Remover

My skin seems to have changed recently and become a lot less dry.  I’ve been finding my usual moisturisers and cleansers too rich so have decided to give my skin a break and just use this make-up remover from Queen and a tiny amount of moisturiser afterwards.  I’ve tried a few products by Queen over the past year or so (see my review of the spectacular Eyelash Cream here!) and have been really impressed with the brand.  Their products are made for sensitive skin and do exactly what they say they will – they are also amazingly gentle!  The make-up remover is brilliant at getting rid of mascara and eyeliner and doesn’t sting your eyes at all.  I have actually been using it to remove make-up from my face as well and it does a great job at that too.  In the photo above it looks quite solid – maybe like a balm – but once you dip your finger in it becomes fluffy and soft in texture!  I’ve found that the product works best if you gently rub it into your face/eyes when they are damp and then remove with a wet cloth.  You don’t need to rub very hard at all to get the make-up off from around your eyes which is another bonus.  You can buy Queen Eye Make-up Remover online for £15 for 50g.


Queen Eyelash Cream

For the last month or so I’ve been using the Queen Eyelash Cream every day.  The Eyelash Cream was first created in the 1930s to condition, repair and define lashes and it’s suitable for sensitive eyes.  I was really sceptical when I started using the cream (which is definitely more of a balm!) and I really didn’t think it would make any difference at all to my lashes.  I was so wrong!  I rub the balm on my lashes after I’ve removed all of my makeup in the evening and leave it to work overnight.  I’ve always had pretty sparse eyelashes but I think they’ve started to become a bit thicker since I started using this product.  I’ve also noticed that far fewer eyelashes fall out when I take my eye makeup off so they seem to be getting stronger.  This pot is going to last for ages as well – I’ve barely dented the top of the balm and I’ve been using it for weeks – so it’s totally worth the £10.25.  Apparently the balm can also be used to define your eyelashes if you don’t want to wear mascara, but I think this would probably only work if you have dark eyelashes.  You can also use it to keep your eyebrows neat.

Has anyone else tried this brilliant product?  I’d love to know what you think!


Queen Eye Pencils

Queen Kohl Eye Pencils are made for people with sensitive skin.  I’ve been using the violet pencil for a while and my eyes haven’t been irritated at all.  The pencil feels quite waxy so you need to warm it up a bit or it is difficult to apply.  I really like the colour which isn’t too obviously purple and it stays put throughout the day.

It is really easy to remove which means that you don’t have to spend ages rubbing your eyes with makeup remover.  The pencils cost £6.75 each so are great value.  I’d definitely recommend trying these eye pencils if you have sensitive eyes.


Queen Sensiderma Rich Hand Cream

I hadn’t heard of Queen before I tried this hand cream so here’s a bit of background for anyone else who doesn’t know them.  Queen was founded in 1927 by a pharmacist and three dermatologists.  The company makes products for people with sensitive skin and they don’t use any unnecessary ingredients.  The company isn’t very big but source 90% of their ingredients and packaging from the UK rather than going abroad.  They also ask people to send their empty containers back to them for recycling.

So, onto the hand cream itself.  Queen Sensiderma Rich Hand Cream is a really moisturising hand cream which is good for dry and sensitive skin.  I can see it being very useful over the winter as the cold tends to dry my skin out.  Even though the hand cream is for people with dry skin, it is not overly greasy and is easily absorbed.  I like hand creams which smell nice so the only downside to this hand cream for me is that it doesn’t have much of a smell at all.  However, I do like the blue colour of the hand cream which is quite unique!  I’m a bit annoyed at myself as I left the hand cream at home when I came back to uni so haven’t got a photo to show you the colour.

I like the fact that the hand cream comes in a little tub so you can get the very last bit out and I also think the name makes it sound like it’s a bit more special than some other brands!  You can buy the Sensiderma Hand Cream in two sizes: 50g RRP £9.35 or 10g RRP £3.75.  The smaller size is perfect for keeping in your bag or for taking with you on holidays.

Based on the hand cream, I think it’s worth trying more Queen products.  Has anyone else used this hand cream?  What did you think?


Prestat Jewel Box

The Prestat Jewel Box is a selection of delicious, high quality chocolates.  I really love the bright, colourful packaging which all of the Prestat range seem to have.  According to the little leaflet in the box, Prestat was established in 1902 and has been awarded 2 Royal Warrents.  Their chocolates have been ‘enjoyed for over 100 years by kings, queens, sultans, maharajas…..’.  I am a massive chocolate fan but have never heard of Prestat before, maybe because they are aimed at people with slightly more money than a student!  I know that if I were a queen, I’d be ordering boxes and boxes of these amazing chocolates!  You can buy Prestat chocolates in John Lewis and Waitrose as well as smaller independent shops around the country.


We Will Rock You

My friend is a massive fan of Queen so a few days ago we went to see ‘We Will Rock You’ , the Queen musical, in the Bristol Hippodrome.  It’s a story about a time in the future when instruments have been banned and people can only listen to computer generated songs.  The actual story line is really bad but the music is brilliant!  All of the biggest Queen songs are sung at some point in the show.  The cast could all sing well and the staging and lights were really exciting.  It was bright and colourful and there was always something going on.  We had a fantastic time and would really recommend it to anyone who loves Queen!

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