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NOTW: Nail Jewellery

This is the Nails Inc Nail Jewellery I bought a few weeks ago for the wedding I went to, layered over Miners Plum.  When I wore they Nail Jewellery for the wedding I absolutely loved it but I didn’t like this colour combination quite as much.  I also found that way too much of the Nail Jewellery came out of the bottle this time making it much harder to apply and not leaving much room in my nails to see the underneath colour. Next time I use this polish I will be more careful and make sure I only apply a thin layer!  Who else has tried the Nail Jewellery?


NOTW: Skittles

This week has been super busy what with moving to Aberdeen and trying to get the flat sorted!  Here is a really quick NOTW for you and I promise I will get around to writing some more posts this weekend!

I wanted to try out the Models Own Indian Ocean over a few different colour but even after wearing them for five days or so, I can’t choose my favourite!  The blue colour really shows up the pink shimmer well but I actually loved Indian Ocean over the pinks as well.

The colours I used were:

No7 Stay Perfect Stand Back

elf Purple Dream

Miners Plum

a pale pink Nails Inc with no name – I think I got it from free with a magazine!

Which combination is your favourite?


Slinky Liquid Liner

I’d never really managed to get the hang of liquid eyeliner but that all changed when I tried the Slinky Liquid Liner.  It is just so easy to apply, impossible to smudge and doesn’t flake off all day.  I’m not sure what is different about the brush and formula which makes it so much easier to use than other liquid liners but it really is brilliant!  I love that I can get a really thin line as heavy eyeliner tends to make my eyes look smaller.  I’ve got the shade “Sugarplum” which is a metallic plum and gives a nice pop of colour but isn’t too over the top.  I’ve worn this eyeliner almost daily since I got it (except while I was on holiday!) and would definitely recommend it to those of you who usually struggle with liquid liner!There are lots of colours to choose from including a selection of matte and metallics and they each cost £10.99 from MyFace Cosmetics.


NOTW: Crackle

Last week I bought two crackle polishes from 17 as part of the three for two offer in Boots.  I don’t own any other crackle polishes so this is the first time I’ve ever used it and I managed to make a bit of a mess.  The one I’m wearing this week (over Miners Plum) doesn’t have a name but is a black crackle with gold glitter.  I’m not sure if all crackle polishes are the same but this one seems quite thick and gloopy and I don’t think I ended up applying the right amount to get good crackles!  On some nails it didn’t seem to crackle very well at all!  I love the shine this polish has in the light from the glitter but my nails don’t look great up close – I think I’ll get better at applying crackle polish with practice though!  I took these photos on the second day of wearing the polish and there was already some tip wear which was a little disappointing.

What do you think of the colour?  Is there a special way to use crackle polish that I’m missing?!


NOTW: Leopard Print

I realise that I’m pretty late to the leopard print bandwagon but here’s my attempt just the same!  I’m not entirely sure I like the colour combination but I’m quite impressed that I managed to get the spots looking as neat as they do, although next time I’d like to get the spots a little smaller.  My left hand isn’t as neat as the right (I’m left handed!) but I think with practice I’ll get better……

If you’re interested, the colour I’ve used are Nail Inc Warwick Avenue for the base with Miners Plum and No7 Stay Perfect Stand Back for the spots.

It seems like recently I’ve mainly been posting NOTWs so I’ll do my best to find the time to get some more interesting posts written up – who’d have thought I’d have so much work to do in my final year!!!!


Miners Nail Colour

Over the last year or so I’ve stopped wearing pink nail varnishes as I’ve just got a bit bored of them.  That was until I found this lovely nail polish by Miners.  The shade is called plum which I’d have thought would be a purple colour but you can see that’s not the case!

The colour is a bit darker than pinks I’ve owned in the past and actually looks quite purple in some lights.  I love how much the colour stands out as well as the glossy finish.  In this photo I’m wearing two coats but it was opaque after just one coat so you could easily get away with just wearing one – I always apply two coats of nail varnish as I tend to chip my nails really easily!

If you want to try out this nail vanish, you can buy it online for £2.99.

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