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Instagram Round Up #4

1. Snuggly microwaveable slippers.
2. Giant panda at Edinburgh Aiport.
3. So many OPI polishes at the airport!
4. Nails Inc Nail Jewellery.
5. Bridesmaids flowers at my friend’s wedding.
6. My cat Midnight.
7. Lovely autumn colours.
8. Gorgeous new Zing Organics candle.
9. Finished my Cath Kidston rose hand cream
10. … and rediscovered Sranrom hand cream.
11. Started snowing while I was in work!
12. Snow settled in the evening.
13. Impressive waves at Stonehaven!
14. Surfers who must have been freezing seeing at the day before it was snowing!
15. Cute harbour at Stonehaven.
16. My first ever deep fried Mars bar!



NOTW: Ink A Dink A Pink

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last few weeks.  My dissertation is due in in just over a week so I’ve been working non stop on that!  Here’s how I wore my nails last week – Ink A Dink A Pink from Nicole by OPI topped with the Nubar Polka Dot top coat.  I rarely wear bright pink nail varnish but I really like how bright and summery this looked.  What do you think?


NOTW: Love Hearts

I’ve been so busy this week.  I’ve got lectures 9 till 6, three pieces of coursework due this week and one due on Tuesday.  I’ve had literally no time to blog so here’s a quick NOTW to keep you going (I’ve also not been home in the daylight all week so the photos aren’t brilliant)!

This took me about 10 minutes so not too long.  I’m wearing one coat of a polish from Nicole by OPI called It’s Possible and have drawn hearts on freehand using a Body Collection red shade.  The hearts were really easy to do and you can practice on a piece of paper first– it’s just two lines basically.  I’m quite pleased with them seeing as they only took 10 minutes!  Do you like them?

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