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NOTW: Midnight Sparkles

NOTW: Midnight Sparkles NOTW: Midnight SparklesColours used:
Nicole by OPI, It’s Up To You
Nubar, Hologram Glitter


NOTW: Summer Gradient

I wanted to try a more summery theme this week so went with a yellow/orange gradient. After trying gradients a few times, I’ve realised that I’m not very good at them, so I used my Nubar Polka Dot to draw attention away from how rubbish the actual gradient was! The colours I used were Mellow Yellow from 17 as the base, Showgirl by Ciaté for the middle bit and then Models Own Fluro Orange (which I picked up recently from Littlewoods) on the tips.Summer gradient nail art Summer gradient nail art


NOTW: Barbie Pink!

Pink nail polish doesn’t usually suit my skin tone but I actually really like Models Own Pink Blush.  I think it’s because it’s not a red toned as other pink polishes.  I topped Pink Blush with Models Own Juicy Jules which is similar to the Nubar Hologram Glitter I have but the glitter particles are more obvious which I really like.  I wasn’t sure about the combination at first – it looked a bit too girly with all the pink and the glitter but it ended up really growing on me I didn’t want to take it off! Barbie nailsBarbie nailsBarbie nailsI got these polishes from the Models Own range at Littlewoods – they seem to have stopped selling the exact shades but they still have other pretty colours. There are actually lots of great nail products on, I am really tempted by these nail art pens!


NOTW: Polka Dots

I loved how colourful and sparkly these nails were.  I wore them a few weeks ago when the weather was horrible, grey and cold and these made it feel much more summery!  The glitter coat is Nubar Hologram Glitter which always looks amazing over any colour.



NOTW: Holo Sparkles

Just a quick post this morning as I am off to spend the weekend at Loch Ness which was my birthday present from Nick!

Here I am wearing elf Dark Purple Glitter which is not anywhere near as glittery as you might think seeing as it has “glitter” in it’s name.  To actually make this polish glitter, I have topped it with Nubar Hologram Glitter which is one of my all time favourite polishes!  I love it!



Instagram Round Up #4

1. Snuggly microwaveable slippers.
2. Giant panda at Edinburgh Aiport.
3. So many OPI polishes at the airport!
4. Nails Inc Nail Jewellery.
5. Bridesmaids flowers at my friend’s wedding.
6. My cat Midnight.
7. Lovely autumn colours.
8. Gorgeous new Zing Organics candle.
9. Finished my Cath Kidston rose hand cream
10. … and rediscovered Sranrom hand cream.
11. Started snowing while I was in work!
12. Snow settled in the evening.
13. Impressive waves at Stonehaven!
14. Surfers who must have been freezing seeing at the day before it was snowing!
15. Cute harbour at Stonehaven.
16. My first ever deep fried Mars bar!



NOTW: Dotty

Here I used my pastel blue Maybelline Forever Strong with my black Nubar Polka Dot topcoat.  I love the combination!


NOTW: Indian Ocean Layered

I thought I’d try Indian Ocean layered over my Nubar Vogue Vert but I’m not really sure I like the combination.  I don’t think the green colour really showed off the blue shimmer from Indian Ocean properly.  What do you think? 


NOTW: Sparkles!

Thursday is my last exam ever!  I can’t wait until it’s over!  Last week I decided to wear the old Nails Inc polish I rediscovered last week.  I’ve just got one coat on and you can see that it’s quite shear but I really like it.  It looks more blue/purple depending on the light so it really hard to capture!  I’m not too keen on the cheap £1 top coat though I got from ASDA…. it keeps leaving bubbles on my nails!
After a few days I decided I to add some sparkles in the form of the Nubar Hologram Glitter polish which I absolutely love.
So, nothing very special but that’s how I did my nails last week.  What do you think?  Any suggestions of pretty summer polishes I could try?


NOTW: Ink A Dink A Pink

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last few weeks.  My dissertation is due in in just over a week so I’ve been working non stop on that!  Here’s how I wore my nails last week – Ink A Dink A Pink from Nicole by OPI topped with the Nubar Polka Dot top coat.  I rarely wear bright pink nail varnish but I really like how bright and summery this looked.  What do you think?

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