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A few weeks ago Gail McJorrow, the creator of Wondercap, offered to send me the Wondercap Pamper Pack to try out.  Having really curly, frizz filled hair I jumped at the chance!  Wondercap is like a shower cap which you heat up in the microwave and then wrap your hair in after applying a conditioning treatment.  I think this is a fantastic idea as I usually leave deep conditioning masks on for over an hour to make sure they work properly.  Using the Wondercap for a few minutes has the same effect.

The Pamper Pack includes lots of bits and bobs: a wide toothed comb for combing conditioner through your hair, a microfiber towel, a conditioning treatment and of course the Wondercap itself with some disposable shower caps which you wear underneath.  I didn’t think the conditioner from the pack was really that good in itself but the great thing about the Wondercap is that you can use it with whichever conditioner works for you.  The cap isn’t so hot that it hurts your head and it stays warm for a long time – ages after I’d taken it off!  The first time I used the Wondercap I ran downstairs in a towel in the middle of my bath to microwave it but you don’t actually need to do that as it stays warm long enough for you to heat it up first!

Wondercap is originally from New Zealand but there are a couple of places in the UK which stock it; Michaeljohn and Victoria Health.  This is a brilliant product, especially for anyone whose hair need that extra bit of conditioning!


Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream

This hand cream from Living Nature is brilliant.  Living Nature is a company from New Zealand who don’t use any harsh chemicals or synthetic materials in their products.  The hand cream has a lovely smell which isn’t too strong – the smell has been formulated alongside a French master perfumer and is inspired by flowers found in New Zealand, especially the Kowhai flower.  It contains active manuka honey which is made in New Zealand and is used to rejuvenate and protect skin.

The hand cream is really moisturising, is quickly absorbed and not too greasy.  Even though it’s really good when you’re hands are very chapped, it is still fine for using on days when you just want to keep your hands feeling soft!  You can buy the Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream in little 50ml bottles (RRP £10) which are perfect for keeping in your bag but can also get 200ml for £25 which works out more economical.


Around the World

This morning my sister Maddie arrived in LA wih her friend.  They are on a gap year and will be travelling for 5 months.  After LA they are going to Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Thailand – they are going to have an amazing time!  They are planning to keep everyone back here updated with their blog :  I am starting to wish I’d taken a gap year before starting my degree as instead of travelling around the world to all these exotic places, all I have to look forward to for the next few months are a load of exams!

Before Maddie left we went for a meal with the whole family because it is my other sister and stepbrothers birthdays this week.  Here is the pink cake I made!

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