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Tropic Organic Luxury Oil

Tropic Skincare is the skincare range created by Susan Ma (from The Apprentice) and is 100% natural and organic.  I have been using the Organic Luxury Oil for a couple of months now and was looking forward to trying it on my hair which has been drier than usually recently. Tropic Organic Luxury OilWhen the oil arrived I was surprised to see that it wasn’t runny but then noticed on the bottle a note saying that it can solidify when it gets cold.  As it was delivered when it was snowy, I didn’t think it was unreasonable that it was solid.  It is easy enough to turn it back into a liquid – just leave it in a basin of hot water for a few minutes.  In the few months since I’ve had the oil, there hasn’t been a day where it hasn’t solidified which is getting really annoying and puts me off using it!  Even recently when it’s been up to 24°C, it hasn’t been warm enough for the oil to stay liquid.Tropic Organic Luxury OilI love the design of the bottle and the oil smells lovely and fruity.  It would be such a good product if it wasn’t such an effort melting (is that the right word?) it each time I want to use it!  It means that I can’t just apply a little bit to get rid of frizz before I leave the house in the morning without leaving it in hot water first.  And sometimes in the evenings I am too tired to wait for it to melt to use it as more of an overnight hair mask.  When I do get around to using the oil a few days running it definitely does improve the condition of my hair so I really wish it didn’t solidify all the time!  It seems especially good when I use it overnight.Tropic Organic Luxury OilThe oil costs £25 for 100ml and I would say it is worth it if you don’t mind melting it when you want to use it, or if you live somewhere warmer where it won’t solidify all the time!  The oil itself is brilliant and I barely need to use any to see an effect on my frizz!


Zing Organics Nude Collection

You might remember my review a few weeks ago of a candle from Zing Organics?  Well here’s another one!  This is the clove, patchouli and vanilla scented candle from the Nude Collection and it’s just perfect for winter.  It’s not too Christmassy that you have to wait until December to use it but it does remind you that Christmas is on its way!  I’ve always loved vanilla scented candles and this is no exception.  I also love that you can see the little beads of vanilla used to make it.  Like all of the candles from Zing Organics, it is free from artificial colourings, preservatives and fragrances and it doesn’t give off lots of soot like cheaper candles.  I like that all of the candles in the range are cream coloured as it means that you don’t end up choosing a scent which is the best colour to suit your living room!  You can actually just pick your favourite one.  This size candle, 180ml, from the Nude Collection costs £30 but there are other sizes available.


Angela Langford Rest & Regenerate Night Balm

For the last couple of months I’ve been using the Angela Langford Rest & Regenerate Night Balm. Angela Langford uses only natural ingredients in her beauty products so there are none of those horrible chemicals and she has a range of products from cleansers to serums.  This is actually the first night cream I’ve ever used so I haven’t really got anything to compare it to! I like the packaging, which pumps out just the right amount of product for your face and neck, and the fact that the scent is so natural smelling. In the morning my skin definitely feels better than it normally would and I’m finding that I need to use less of my day moisturiser. The only thing I don’t like about the night cream is that it doesn’t sink in so leaves me looking all shiny! Obviously that doesn’t matter all that much as I only apply it right before going to sleep but my main issue is that I don’t like the feel of it on my face – that’s probably just me though! I will keep using it as it is working well and, even though I’ve not used a night cream before, I’m pretty sure that’s what they are all like, right?  This night balm costs £31.75 for 30ml and you can buy it online here.


Summer Essentials: Body Skin Care

I think I’m a bit obsessed with skin care at the moment.  I’ve got a few moisturisers on the go at the moment and have also found a really lovely aftersun to take on holiday.

Nurture Replenish Body Butter

I think this may be the  most hydrating body butter I’ve ever used.  It doesn’t leave any sort of greasiness but it does take a little while to sink in, especially if you’re still not completely dry from a shower.  It has a sweet scent, I would have said it was kind of floral but according to the website it is sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and shea butter.  I love it!  The Nurture Body Butter costs £8.45 for 200ml.

Living Nature Ultra Rich Body Cream

Some of the Living Nature products I’ve tried from MyPure have had a bit of an odd smell but this one is gorgeous.  It contains active manuka honey so the scent is very, very sweet.  It has a really thick texture but only takes a bit of rubbing to get it to sink in and once it’s sunk in it doesn’t feel greasy at all.  It is actually quite similar to the Nurture Body Butter except that all of the ingredients are completely natural.  However, it is quite a lot more expensive – £27 for 150ml!

Lovea Organic After Sun Lotion

I don’t think I really get the difference between after sun and just general body lotion – does anyone know?!  I always buy after sun for holidays even though I don’t tend to burn much.  I love the smell of this after sun!  Again it sinks in really well and doesn’t feel greasy.  I’m taking this to Thailand but it’s only 125ml which doesn’t seem like it will last for 3 weeks so I’ve got a little Boots after sun as well!  The Lovea After Sun is entirely natural which I think is brilliant and it costs £8.99 for 125ml (currently on offer for £6.75) which is more than I’d usually pay but I wanted to try out a natural after sun.



Summer Essentials: Bug Spray!

The worst thing about holidays is getting bitten by all those bugs!  I really hate having itchy bites so have invested in a few different insect repellents this summer.

Jungle Formula Maximum
When I went to get my injections done for Thailand, the nurse told me I needed to get a bug spray containing at least 50% DEET which this one does.  I’m not entirely sure why DEET sprays are better than non-DEET sprays but I don’t think it’s worth ignoring the nurse as I didn’t get the malaria vaccination so don’t want to catch that!  This spray has a pretty strong smell and lasts up to 10 hours.  Hopefully it does the job.

Ultrathon Insect Repellent

This one contains 35% DEET.  I took it to Kos and only got one bite during the whole week.  Again it has a strong smell but I think that’s better than having bites which itch for weeks after you get home from holidays!

Kiwiherb Herbal Insect Repellent

This insect repellent is natural so doesn’t contain any DEET.  I prefer to use natural products wherever possible but got this one before the nurse told me I’d need a spray with 50% DEET.  It smells much better than the other two – kind of like aniseed/liquorish mixed with lemon – so it’s a shame it isn’t strong enough for me to use in Thailand!


NOTW: Glitter Crackle Attempt 2

A couple of weeks ago I broke out my glitter crackle polish that had been sitting in my nail varnish box since my first disastrous attempt at using it.  I’m pleased to say that my second go at using it worked out much better and I managed to get some quite impressive crackle patterns.  I couldn’t decide what colour to use as the base so I went with two – Purple Dream by elf, one of my absolute favourite polishes, and Mellow Yellow by 17 which is the most perfect and flattering summer yellow.

I liked the effect over both colours and will definitely be using this crackle a bit more often now I’ve figured out how it works!  The only downside is that it’s a right pain to remove!  I’ve recently tried my first natural nail polish remover, Eden, and it didn’t come close to being able to remove this polish.  To be honest, it even struggles to remove pale colours when you’ve got a top and base coat on.  I really wanted to love the natural remover as I feel as though I should use natural products as much as possible so I have been disappointed by Eden.  Has anyone else tried natural nail varnish removers?

ps…. Sorry for the maths backgrounds, I took these in the middle of revision!


Comvita Replenishing Body Lotion

The Comvita Replenishing Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types and contains Manuka Honey which is great for skin.  It has a unique scent with notes of cinnamon which I really like.  It is a brilliant moisturiser but does take a bit of rubbing to make it sink in properly.

All Comvita products are free from parabens and other nasty chemicals.  You can buy this body lotion from MyPure and it costs £16 for 200ml.


Lovea Bio Clay Face Mask

I’m so impressed with this Lovea face mask.  I’d go as far as to say that it’s the best one I’ve ever used!  It is really easy to apply an even layer and it just leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft.  It doesn’t particularly smell of anything and the packaging isn’t really anything special but the mask itself seems to work wonders for my skin.  I rarely use face masks as I don’t tend to find they do much for my but I can see myself using this one up pretty fast!

The Lovea Purifying Face Mask comes in three varieties; pink clay for sensitive skin (this is the one I have), green clay for oily skin and yellow clay for dry skin.  It is entirely natural and costs £6.99 for 75ml from MyPure.


Organic Surge Super Smooth Salt Scrub

I’ve recently started using the Organic Surge Super Smooth Salt Scrub.  I’ve used a couple of Organic Surge products before and really liked them, especially as they are free from parabens, SLS, and artificial colours / fragrances.  I always try to uses scrubs as I know that you’re supposed to but I don’t really ever notice a big effect, except on my elbows and this one definitely passes the elbow test!  I think it’s also been leaving my skin softer than normal as well.

The Salt Scrub smells amazing – a combination of lemon, lime and rosemary – so I really enjoy using it.  It’s also a nice texture and I like the way the salt dissolves and doesn’t leave a mess at the bottom of your shower / bath like other scrubs can do.  I think the packaging is good too as I’ve had scrubs in the past which were in tubes that ended up getting blocked by bits of grit.  The lid on this tub is nice and wide so you can easily grab big handfuls without spending ages squeezing a tube.

You can buy this scrub online for £32.  Does anyone else use Organic Surge products?  What do you think of them?

ps… I’ve got tons of uni work at the moment what with my technical project (dissertation type thing) and other coursework deadlines (and finals – but I’m not thinking about them yet!), so I might not get around to posting quite as often as I have been over the past few months sorry!


Qsilica Remove

Today I thought I’d tell you about my new cleanser from Qsilica.  It is a foaming gel cleanser which also acts as makeup remover.  I had a facial for my birthday last year and I was told that I should try to avoid foaming cleansers because they tend to dry out skin but this one seems to be fine so far.  The cleanser is good at removing makeup (I don’t wear a huge amount on my face so I’m not sure how good it would be if you wear a bit more sorry!) but a downside for me is that it isn’t suitable for use on eyes – I’m a bit lazy and prefer cleansers which also remove eye makeup!  I really like using this cleanser and so far it’s been leaving my skin feeling nice and refreshed and squeaky clean so I’d definitely recommend it – it smells good too!

Qsilica is a natural skincare range which is new to the UK.  The products in the range contain colloidal silica which is found in lots of vegetables and grains and is supposed to fight signs of aging.  You can buy the products from Planet Health and the cleanser costs £15.95 for 100ml.

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